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we focus on your technology.

As your technology partner, we take ownership and responsibility for the technology your business uses daily. We take this seriously. We want our partners to get back to their companies and their clients. 


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ProtectiCloud was founded in 2017 for one purpose: filling a void. After decades of being in the technology industry, we noticed that everything was complicated. Running technology in businesses required special training; creating meaningful documentation required finesse; communicating technology needs basically required a linguist! And it all stemmed from the overcomplication of systems.

We're a group of creative thinkers who have built a business to change the way you use technology. Our approach is no secret:

Education, Training, Transparency, Repeat.

Wondering how that translates to our success and your results? Hit us up. We will be your guide in the oddly satisfying journey of simplifying your business with the right technology.


Complete Managed Services

Picture this: no more stressing over IT issues, no more scrambling to find someone to fix a problem, and no more worrying about keeping your data safe. Sounds pretty sweet, right? That's what we're here for. Our expert team has got your back, handling all your IT needs like a well-oiled machine.

Business Phone Systems

No matter the size of your business, you can take advantage of our VoIP Business Telephone Services to maximize your communications and stay within budget. Planning to upgrade your phone system? Let us demonstrate the advantages of VoIP Business Telephones to help you improve your phone experience and save your money.

Augmented IT Services

As your business evolves, so do your IT needs. That's why we allow you to tap into our expertise! Our experienced crew brings a wealth of knowledge to the table: from niche skills to industry practices, we've got your back on all things IT.

Infrastructure Design and Installation

Ready to give your business the connectivity boost it deserves? Our network cabling grants lightning-fast data transfer that is sure to increase your internet speed, ProtectiCloud guaranteed! We make sure that the solution makes sense for your business, and then implement with fully managed installation. Future-proofed internet efficiency: what's not to like?


Ricardo Lopez
I started ProtectiCloud in 2017 as an Online Retailer for SMB and Prosumer Technology & Network Equipment. After a few years, we pivoted the business to become a fully functioning Managed Service Provider for Small and Medium Business. Since This pivot in 2019, we have helped Small and Medium businesses solve and simplify complicated Technology issues.
I spend my free time in the company of my family. We enjoy outdoor activities like going to one of the many beaches we have access to in Florida, or Kayaking at one of our springs and rivers. I’m also into Motor Sports, where I try to go to a few races a year. We also like to travel, and experience different places and cultures. I would argue the food of different cultures is what I get most excited about, outside of the people, and the nature.

Tony Matos
I started with Protecticloud in 2019 as a Helpdesk manager then transitioned in to a Network Administrator to assist with the current needs of configuring, maintaining and upgrading our client's networks and servers. Our shared goal is to understand your technology issues and simplify as best as we can.

In my spare time, I like to ride my road bike on many of our Florida trails, spend time with family, and play pool and board games like dominoes.

Evan Boone
Hi, my name is Evan and I'm a Protecticloud Helpdesk Technician by day, and game master of a certain fantasy tabletop RPG by night. I've been with the company since August 2021, helping our clients and their employees with information technology as it relates to day-to-day operations. I man the help desk as well as make occasional onsite visits to ensure maximum operability, and that users have what they need.

Jonah Metzdorf
Hi, I'm Jonah, an enthusiastic newcomer to the I.T. field. In just a few months, I've absorbed a wealth of knowledge, and the prospect of my evolving career excites me daily. Outside of work, I cherish moments at home with my cat Bunda and bond with family over weekend computer gaming sessions. A devoted Spider-Man fan, I indulge my passion by collecting comics and action figures. Excited for the journey ahead!


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Flora Asencio
Flora Asencio
The owner and staff at Protecticloud specialize in implementing innovative technical solutions and provide high quality support for computer hardware and operating systems. While providing fast and reliable troubleshooting to ensure infrastructure networking. Highly professional and honest team who are a pleasure to work with.
Krystal Ivette
Krystal Ivette
This team is awesome! I have the innate ability that if a problem can happen with technology it will happen. They are always there to fix the problems that my laptop finds.
susan jackson
susan jackson
Very receptive company. Whenever you need IT service they are available. They also treat you like you are their only client with specialized attention.
Mark Offenback
Mark Offenback
ProtectiCloud has been so professional, so knowledgeable and so quick to respond to my every query. The owner of the company even called me to be assured that my every need had been completed to my satisfaction.


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