When your technology functions properly, it allows you to do your job at an optimized level and enables your business to become more profitable.

Sounds like a good deal, right?

However, you need to be consistently proactive about maintaining your technology for your infrastructure to operate at peak performance. Our Managed IT Services free up your in-house department to focus on core business projects, meaning you get access to cutting-edge IT services without having to worry about any of it.

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Your technology can completely change the way you do business. It’s not just about finding the right IT for your needs – it’s about learning how innovative technologies can be the foundation to doing business smarter and faster.

It's about knowing what your OPTIONS are, and having the power to choose.

We believe that technology isn’t a cookie-cutter solution for every business. We want to work with you to find out what you want your technology to do for you, and then actually make it happen. That means using versatile solutions like cloud technologies and virtualization to streamline your business operations, cut down on costs, and open new doors to you for saving time and improving accessibility to your technology every day.


Proactive Support

We don’t just wait around for IT problems to pop up, because at that point it’s already too late. By being on the lookout for potential issues and immediately jumping in to fix issues before they get out of hand, we give your business the peace of mind that threats aren’t going under the radar. No reason to overcomplicate: we monitor your network 24/7 and help educate you to prevent them in the future!

Immediate Response

The last thing you need when facing a technology issue is complete radio silence from your IT team. Time is money for any business, so don’t settle for unnecessary downtime without any updates! The reality of working with ProtectiCloud is a dedicated team that cares for your business and its success. We’re invested in your IT, and that means effort to resolve your issues as efficiently as possible with clear communication throughout the process.


We structure our pricing so our clients can expect and predict a single flat fee for our Managed IT Services that can easily be calculated per employee, per month. This not only allows you to easily predict and budget for services based on staffing, but it also allows our team to incorporate the neccessary software, services, and tools required to maintain constant changing industry standards and best practices. Please note that projects are billed and quoted separately!

Complete Managed Services

Complete Managed Services
$150 per base user, $175 for users in Legal, Healthcare, and Financial Industries.
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