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Structured cabling is the design and installation of cabling systems to support multiple devices. When it is installed correctly and configured to meet your needs, it is essential for any business. It’s like a highway for your technology – It connects your computers, servers, and peripherals to the Internet and Intranet.

However, remember this: if it’s not set up properly, you’ll be dealing with IT roadblocks like slow service and downtime frequently.

It’s best to work with a professional team when in need of a cabling project, and that’s where we come in! Reach out below and let’s start planning the best route for your business.

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Cables tend to outlive the hardware they’re paired with in most cases. Network cables are protected, meaning they’ll last even longer and won’t need to be replaced as often. As long as cabling is installed correctly (with us, that’s a guarantee), you’ll take advantage of all the benefits of network cabling without having to immediately worry about an upgrade around the corner. 

Safety and Security

Along with decreased fire hazard risk, structured cabling also helps prevent electrical shocks and keeps people from tripping over exposed cables. From a technical standpoint, switching out or upgrading hardware is much faster and much easier with structured cabling. You won’t have to worry about threats or breaches nearly as much with a correctly installed network cabling system!

Easier Upgrades and Fixes

Without structured cabling, it can take FOREVER to carefully check all the potential hardware problems when something goes wrong. And that’s before checking to see if it’s a software issue, which is a whole other consideration! When following standards, troubleshooting becomes much easier, and as a result, there’s less downtime. Technicians know exactly where everything is and can quickly hook everything up – without having to waste time guessing at what goes where.

Infrastructure Design and Installation

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